Education to underprivileged children

In addition to helping the children in the orphanages, Maitreya Foundation is also running a project to help support the needy children in the villages of Nepal. This project targets for those who are living in their homes with parents or other guardians, but whose the families are not able to cover the expenses of school education

The aim of the project is to help these families to cover their financial burden so they are able to send their children nearby schools and get enrolled. The idea behind this is to ensure they receive proper education. Maitreya Foundation has been currently supporting 50 children within this project in some remote and poor villages of Nepal.

As there exist people of scheduled caste, it would be mandatory to back them up simply to lead a decent life in the society.

Click here to see the children being supported by this project.

We at Maitreya Foundation believe in the dignity and equality of every human being and do not promote the caste system. Nevertheless, we are aware that being considered as ‘lower’ or any other caste directly leads to social discrimination and is often a huge obstacle on the way to ease up poverty issues.

How can you help support this project?
In this project, the sponsors, individuals or organizations can help break the children’s vicious cycle of poverty by supporting them with school education and so you could sponsor a child this way:
·        By paying initial school administration fee
·         Monthly tuition fee
·         Two school uniforms every six months (winter and summer)
·     Education materials such as,
o    School books
o    Exercise books, pencils etc.
o    School bag, water bottle etc.
o    daily snacks at school
Sponsoring individuals and organizations will receive a quarterly progress report of the educational support, including:
·         Visual documentary and photographs of the children
·         Letters from children
·         A child’s educational progress report
·         Reports and photographs of a child’s extra-curricular activities, e.g. sports, vocal, dancing, drawing, quiz etc.

·         Our Newsletter
If you wish to view any further information please ask us and we will be happy to provide you with our newsletter.

The annual cost including school-education for a child is $120USD per year. This covers almost everything a child needs the whole year. You can find the details of these cost-break in this document.