People say THE CONJUGAL UNDERSTANDING OF MARRIAGE happens only world’s major traditions that have historically been recorded in any nation or country exactly the same way MARRIAGES ARE AFFIXED IN HEAVEN.

On the advent of winter, Maitreya Foundation marked an auspicious marriage ceremony as a gala day for a Japanese couple Mr. Makoto Naito and Miss. Shin Nakashima in the month of October. It was indeed a sunny day while the series of marriage events took place in the open yard of Maitreya Foundation.

A group of eight Japanese guests, friends and relatives of both the bride and groom were present on the bright afternoon celebration. The historical day for Maitreya Foundation came so interesting that these Japanese couple had a plan to get married according to Nepalese culture.

A contingent of local band in what we call it as NAUMATI BAZA including those of local denizens (both male and female) jerked and blew off their instruments quite in a traditional way.

All the Maitreya Home children, teaching staff members, community friends, seniors, invitees and almost all the ladies and gentlemen were present on this gala day.