Make A Donation

We are sincerely grateful to all the individual sponsors that have supported Maitreya Foundation thus far. We would not be where we are without your generous contributions. However, the children are still in great need of support in any form. You can support the children and our projects with donations in kind as well as financial donations. You may also sponsor a child, either from our orphanage or who is living with a parent and is receiving support from Maitreya Foundation. Please read our Sponsor a child page to learn more about sponsoring a child.

Donations in Kind

These donations can consist of practically anything: clothing (all ages), medical supplies, toys, pencils and educational materials and even the simplest of things which we all take for granted (like soap, a face cloth or a toothbrush) are of special importance for our children. You can of course donate secondhand items which are in good condition. Due to the likely distance between our countries and the costs incurred in sending packages between them, we strongly advise you to make contact with us so that we can offer you advice on sending large packages to us. If you or someone you know is visiting Nepal, then that would be the best way to bring them over.

If you are planning on visiting Kathmandu you can (as a few of our individual sponsors have already done) fill up a box with your unwanted items and bring them to our orphanage in person. We are always looking for people to help around the orphanage, whether it is teaching – English, science or math – or simply brushing up on basic hygiene or simply interacting with the children in group play or one on one reading. The precious time you offer will be most rewarding for the children, the staff and perhaps most of all yourself.

Financial Donations

Financial donations of any amount are helpful as Nepal is a very poor country and even a small amount can go a long way. Donations can be made towards any of our ongoing projects. Please let us know if there is something in particular you would like your donation to go towards. If you do not specify anything then all of your money will go towards the daily operation of the orphanage such as providing the children with food, clothing and school supplies.

Maybe you want to make a contribution to our orphanage on a regular basis or as one monetary donation. Even if you can only spare a very small amount it would be valued and appreciated, as every cent we receive add up to a dollar, each dollar we raise can provide a child with nutritious meals of rice, vegetables and protein for a few days.

How to Make a Donation

Donating is easy and can be made in any currency. Donations are transferred to our Nepal registered charities bank account or through eSewa, our online wallet. Our account was set up as we found it has the least service charges and ensures the funds you send to us are benefiting the child you are sponsoring.

We ensure everything received is invested wisely in providing a secure future for our children. Some of our children came to us directly from the closure of other orphanages. With our team of financial accountants in Nepal, we monitor where and on what the funds are being spent.

At the moment we don’t have Pay Pal but our foundation currently accepts donations through charity bank account in Nepal. Our bank detail is as following:

Bank Name                : Himalayan Bank Ltd.
Address                      : Patan Branch, Lalitpur, Nepal
Account Name         : Maitreya Foundation
Account Number    : 00605680970017