Sangita Dulal

Date of Birth: April 03
Grade: 8
Gender: female
School: Padhma Prakash Secondary School

Sangita is from Gimdi VDC-06, Lalitpur. Her father was an alcoholic and so died from drinking. Her mother ran away with another man leaving 4 years old Sangita behind. Sangita worked as a domestic helper for more than three years with a family that she didn’t know. Maitreya Foundation rescued her and now she is living at the Maitreya Home with other children who share the common pain of being abandoned. She is now studying at grade 8. She now attends Padhma Prakash Secondary School in Lalitpur. Her hobbies are playing, dancing, singing and to make fun of others in a good way. She wants to be a social worker. Her favorite colors are green, yellow and red.