Become Volunteer

We warmly welcome volunteers at Maitreya Foundation Nepal in whatever capacity they have to offer and for as long as they can spare. Whether you want to visit for one day, or stay for a week or a month, the children will welcome you with open arms.

Generally, placement of volunteers will be according to volunteers’ interests, education and experience. It can be in such a way that they also learn interesting things about Nepali life and culture. Volunteers can participate in any of the following programs. In some cases it is possible to blend certain programs together.


Volunteering at Maitreya Foundation Nepal:

Volunteers can assist the children with their learning of the English Language and other academic subjects. Other possibilities are to teach art, dance, sports and games. The modality and schedule can be worked out together by Maitreya Foundation officials and other volunteers. After school hours, you can feel free to visit the Boys and Girls abodes to interact with the children.


Volunteers who plan to stay for longer periods should make their own arrangements for meals, accommodation, transportation etc. However, Maitreya Foundation can also assist to make these arrangements or provide suggestions for other options eg “Home stays” with local families.


“Teach and Travel” Volunteer program:

This program is suitable for those who want to travel and do some volunteering at the same time. Maitreya Foundation can suggest packages / things to do and see for interested volunteers. A typical “Teach and Travel” volunteer program consists of travelling or trekking in Nepal and teaching at the Children’s Home and school. The duration of such programs usually run from a week to a few months.


Should you be interested in any of the above volunteer programs, please read the Volunteering Activities and Volunteer Information and Policy below and then fill out and submit the volunteer form. Alternately, you may also contact us via phone or email. Contact us


Also, you are invited to read our volunteer testimonials and see what our past volunteers have to say about their experience volunteering at Maitreya Foundation.


Volunteering Activities

If you are visiting the orphanage for a day you can help the children with their homework, engage them in an art or musical instrument of your choice, teach them a new skills or just play games with them. If you plan to stay longer, you will have the opportunity to engage closely with them in their daily routines, including walking them to and from school, sitting with them at meal times, reading books, helping with their homework and simply sitting and chatting. There is no fixed schedule for our volunteers. You are free to choose which activities you want to be involved in.


Volunteer Information and Policy

If you wish to volunteer some of your time working alongside our team and with our children at the Maitreya Home, or wherever else our program is running, you will be made most welcome.


We do not expect everyone who visits our children’s home to be a trained and qualified teacher, nanny or nurse. Anybody without such qualifications wishing to invest their time into working alongside our children, are equally welcome.


The only criteria we require from volunteers is set out below:

  • You must be 18 or older to work with our children in the orphanage.
    Proof of age and identity is required and we will need to take a photocopy of your passport and visa upon arrival at the orphanage.
  • You must be fluent in the English language.
  • You must have the ability to work calmly and patiently with our children.
  • To protect our children from abuse – you must have no criminal record, history of pedophilia or warrants issued for your arrest in any country you have visited or lived in.
  • Volunteers can offer their services for as few or as many days as they wish; however, those who wish to reside in a home-stay pre-arranged by Maitreya Foundation are expected to help out at the orphanage and/or school for a minimum term of one month.
  • Please be aware that you are visiting a country where strikes, lockouts, power cuts and sometimes natural disasters are seen as common place. In such cases, transportation and the children’s schooling may be affected. You would be advised to check your Government’s travel advisory website to find the most current information and situation about travel to, from and within Nepal.



We like to ensure all our volunteers are catered for comfortably. We can arrange for you to stay with a host family in the Kathmandu valley area close to our Maitreya Home. Alternatively, if you can only offer a few days of your time and wish to travel independently, you can arrange your own hotel accommodation in the central Thamel area of Kathmandu or in Patan which is nearer to our location. We can provide you with a list of hotels in the area which are safe, comfortable, inexpensive and come recommended by previous volunteers.



Duties will depend upon your length of stay, your individual skills, qualifications and experience. We expect everyone (staff and volunteers) to be flexible, so please be aware that certain schedules may change at short notice from time to time.

The children residing at Maitreya Home attend school Sunday – Thursday 09.30 to 04.00, Friday 09.30 to 12.30. Saturdays and public holidays are not school days. The usual schedule for a Saturday comprises domestic duties (clothes washing and general cleaning), prayers, homework, meals and play/activity time.


We are always happy to assist you if you wish to plan an activity or fund a field trip for the children on these days. You are welcome to take classes at the school within your area of competence. Maybe even join in with sporting activities like basketball for those with free time.


If you volunteer at the Home, we would ask that you help the children practice their English and offer help with their English homework at the completion of their school day. English is becoming increasingly important for the children to master. With tourism being Nepal’s major income earner, it is also a major area of employment. For Nepalese children to progress past year 8, it is compulsory for them to pass English. If they fail their year 8 English examinations, they would be required to repeat the year, regardless of the results of their other subjects.


After homework the children are free to engage in any activity you may wish to arrange, whether this is a team related activity or simply working in a one on one basis with one or two children. These activities can include; reading, singing, dancing, board games, arts and crafts, outdoor ball games, or you may wish to devise your own activity…so long as it involves learning and is fun. You can also help our children by teaching the importance of hygiene, such as brushing their teeth, washing their hands, etc.


If you have previous experience of working with aid organizations, your knowledge is vital to our future. We are always in need of people who have experience in obtaining small grants from other established organizations; know how to set up fundraisers, networking or who can give advice on administrative and other issues related to running our orphanage. Administration is a core we all share but we sometimes need professional help in this area.


It is recommended that you view the whole of our website as it provides additional important information about Maitreya Foundation. Also, if you have experience in web designing and can offer your expertise and give suggestions on improvements, we will greatly appreciate it.


In conclusion, you are required / requested to help Maitreya foundation in one or more of the ways listed above. Doing nothing cannot be accepted by us as it is a waste of our valuable time and resources. All we ask is that you contribute in some positive way.



Volunteers are expected to meet their own costs of: airfare, visas, accommodation and transportation within the country. You may now obtain a Nepalese tourist visa online or on arrival at TIA, but check online with the Nepal department of immigration as changes may occur from time to time. For those intending to stay in Nepal longer than 3 months, visas extensions can be lodged online, and then processed at the Nepal Immigration office. Those wishing to travel to India from Nepal are now also able to obtain an e-visa rather than applying personally at the India visa office in Kathmandu.

Food and drink will be provided during your time spent at the Home. If you are creative in the kitchen, our onsite volunteer cook would love to take a back seat and watch you whip up a new culinary delight for the children…but be warned in advance, cooking for 80+ children is not an easy task!!


Health issues

You would be advised to check the travel advice on your Government’s website for their health advisories / recommendations prior to traveling to Nepal. Please ensure that appropriate vaccinations and other medical consultations are completed before you leave home. Please ensure that you inform us in advance of any special medications, medical conditions and/or allergies you may have. Vaccinations can include but are not limited to: tetanus, typhoid, Hepatitis A and B as well as Malaria medication.


Code of Conduct – expected of all volunteers

  • Respect the Nepalese beliefs and culture.
  • Volunteers are not allowed to preach or teach any religious doctrine or agenda to the children.
  • Never physically or verbally discipline the children. If you witness or become involved in a conflict, advise the head of the house immediately.
  • Illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco are prohibited at all times.
    Volunteers must use appropriate language – swearing on or off the premises will not be tolerated.
  • Sexually explicit or inappropriate behavior or discussion is not permitted.
    Do not invite any guests / visitors into the Home without prior permission from the head of the house.
  • Dress code around the children should be modest and clean. Men and women are advised not to wear any revealing clothing. Please show respect to our culture by covering legs and shoulders at all times.
  • Be honest and responsible.
  • And most importantly, make sure the time you spend with our family is fun.
  • Failure to adhere to the code of conduct may or will result in immediate exclusion from Maitreya Home; in extreme cases the tourist police will be asked for assistance.
  • If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out and submit the volunteer form. You may also contact us via phone or email.