About us

The Maitreya Foundation cares for nearly 100 Children who are either orphaned or from needy and disadvantaged family backgrounds. It is a non-profit organization established with a pious objective of helping the underprivileged children of Nepal. It is registered with the Government of Nepal as a non-government and non-profit organization to carry out child welfare activities (Registration no. 4220/072) and is duly affiliated with the Social Welfare Council, the governing and monitoring body for all social organizations working in Nepal (Registration no. 42096/072). Our operational budget, activities and yearly reports are audited and monitored by respective government authorities and officials.

Sixty percent of Nepal’s population lives below the poverty line, making even a basic school education very expensive and rather too expensive for many families. Maitreya Foundation aims to address this problem along with other basic needs of food, shelter, clothing and health  for disadvantaged children who have become victims of various social and political injustices widespread in the Nepali society. Unfair social structures, traditional caste system and natural disasters all have contributed to the poor physical and living conditions of many Nepali children. These unfortunate children live a life in poverty with many of them working as child laborers in factories and as domestic helps in the households, earning very little if anything, to the detriment of their health, education and society in general. Their disadvantaged conditions in several instances lead them to the streets making vulnerable to exploitation and physical abuse. Some of them become child laborers and domestic help but they rarely if ever experience the love and affection that every child deserves and have limited opportunities for a good, decent and hopeful future.

Among all the activities that we focus on, access to the basic needs of life and education get top priority. We at the Foundation believe that a solid school education is the right of all and not just a privilege of the few. Access to good education is very important in order to successfully fight discrimination particularly for girls and women and those exploited as child laborers, which is still widespread throughout Nepal.

The Maitreya Foundation is currently running its operations with funds received from generous donors from the local community and international sponsors. They contribute cash, their precious time, as well as goods such as foods, stationery, beds and clothes. Such supports are always in short and our financial resources remain tightly limited, whilst the number of needy children is ever increasing.

The future of our planet can be linked with the future of our children, and the future of the children is determined by their intellectual, social, spiritual and physical growth. We at the Foundation strive to alleviate this awful reality by rendering the necessary needs and support to needy children as well as by creating awareness in the Nepalese society.

In this difficult and persistent environment, the Maitreya Foundation, with support from the donors and sponsors, is dedicated to provide a home for the homeless and a school for the disadvantaged children of Nepal.